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Trixie Dog Agility Training Ramp Walk
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    Trixie Dog Agility Training Ramp Walk

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    General information:

    1. Your dog should always warm up before doing sport (a bit of running or easy exercises).
    2. Never train on a full stomach or feed directly after the training
    3. Increase the challenges for your dog only slowly so you do not overchallenge her.
    4. Adapt the sport to your dog and take breed, age, talent and size of your dog into consideration.
    5. Plan enough breaks during the training so your dog does not feel overchallenged and the fun remains.
    6. Please note that the training should always take place in a positive and quiet training atmosphere.

    The fitness training can begin:

    The dogwalk is a contact zone obstacle. The dog has to learn to walk along a narrow board and touch the contact zones at the beginning and at the end.

    To start with, the training should be carried out together with a second person. Both walk along with the dog step by step, each person on one side of the seesaw so that the dog cannot jump down or fall off.

    With careful dogs, place the board on the ground to start with, Lead the dog along it several times on the leash so she can get acquainted with the dogwalk.

    The Training:

    Stand in front of the dogwalk together with your dog on a leash and the second person. Hold your dog securely on the leash with one hand and hold some treats in your other hand: At the beginning, you
    can reward your dog for every step with a snack and lead her along on the dogwalk. The second person always walks along on
    the other side of the dogwalk so that your dog cannot jump down or fall off.

    When the end is reached, finish the exercise with a short pause on the contact zone. Repeat this exercise on the right side as well as on the left side of your dog. Once your dog walks over the dogwalk confidently, you can carry out this exercise on your own.

    To challenge your dog further, you can gradually increase the speed and also make the distance between you and your dog larger. Ensure that you always end the training with your dog touching the