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Brush with natural bristles
Brush with natural bristles
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    Brush with natural bristles

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    Dog hair care is a very important element. Trixie wooden brush made of natural bristles can be used on dogs and cats. It is recommended to brush and comb the coat at least once a week to improve the appearance of your pet and to stimulate blood circulation. In addition, it will be easier to identify hidden wounds in the pet, fleas, or other parasitic plagues. It comes with a strong wooden handle for a comfortable and firm grip. This brush will easily remove loose and unwanted hairs from your pet's coat. It will also help to smooth out stubborn matts and tangles. Trixie Brush with Natural Bristles for dogs & cats is ideal for everyday grooming and helps break knots and also remove dead hair and undercoat. It is perfect for grooming around the face, ears and delicate places and it encourages the oils in the coat to the surface to give a healthy shine. 

    Features -

    • Wooden Brush - It comes with a wooden handle for a strong, comfortable and a firm grip.

    • Natural Bristles - It has natural bristles which prevent static charge and your pet's hair are easily smoothed with no flyaway hair.

    • Ideal For All Coats - It removes dead and loose skin, maintains a healthy and shiny coat. It is ideal for all type of coats.

    • Easy To Use & Carry - It's a lightweight and handy pet grooming tool that can be carried anywhere.

    • Healthy Coat -  Trixie Brush helps you to gently de-tangle your pet's fur, remove dirt and gets rid of dead hair from the coat and maintain a shiny and healthy coat.