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    Car Seat

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    The Trixie Car Seat for Pets puts safety first. It is a raised car seat with a stable form and nylon covering. It holds your pet steady and is good for long journeys in the car. A slit for the belt allows you to buckle your dog in and a short leash attachment keeps your pet from jumping out. It has a non-slip bottom. The cushion and seat cover can be removed for cleaning. The pocket in front allows you to store some small essentials. 

    Features -

    • can also be used as a travel bed

    • with straps to fix the box inside the car

    • raised seat with extra compartment below, enables the dog to look out of the window

    • belt slit makes it possible to buckle the dog up

    • made of polyester

    Dimension - 37*45*38 cm

    Capacity - up to 8 kg

    Color - Black

      Assembly -

      Put the top (car seat) and base (platform) next to each other.

      Travel bed: First close the three side panels of the top with the zippers with the imitation fur sides facing the inside of the travel bed. Then put the pillow inside and close the net if needed. The travel bed gains more stability if it is placed in the base of the car seat.

      Car seat: Put up the inner partition of the base and secure it with the lateral Velcro fastenings (please ensure of a secure connection, since the partition holds up the car seat). Place the assembled travel bed on the platform, so that both parts can be joined by the zipper.

      Put the dog car seat on the front passenger seat or the separable back seat with the integrated safety net facing to the front. Place the upper belt over the headrest. Place the other belt around the seat. Now adjust the belts to an optimal length so that the car seat cannot shift during the journey. Deactivate the air bag if you are using the harness on the front passenger seat. Ideally your dog should travel on the rear bench seat, however.