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Madrid Scratching Post
Madrid Scratching Post
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    Madrid Scratching Post

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    Trixie Madrid Scratching Post is sure to entice any playful feline and can easily accommodate multiple cats. This floor-to-ceiling playground ranges in height from 97 To 107 and can be secured to the ceiling using our spring-activated ceiling attachment - no nails or screws required. Spunky cats can climbs to new heights on one of five plush platforms and lie in wait for unsuspecting prey or simply enjoy the view. Need a healthy outlet for your cats scratching instincts? Felines can sharpen their claws on any one of the scratching posts instead of on your furniture or carpet. All posts are covered in durable sisal. For a nap or a cozy retreat, the cat can crawl inside the kitty condo or cuddle up in the hammock. Both are covered with plush, inside and out. There is also a plush playing tunnel for added fun. 

    Features -

      • sisal: ø 6 mm (post)/plush (polyester): 240 g/m²
      • with ceiling attachment
      • sisal/plush (polyester)
      • cave fitted with plush/fleece (polyester)
      • color - platinum grey
      • Dimensions - Floor area - 68 x 44 cm                           
      • Post - ø 9 cm                                                             
      • Height - 245-270 cm