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Prey Dummy - Pack of 2
Prey Dummy - Pack of 2
Prey Dummy - Pack of 2
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    Prey Dummy - Pack of 2

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    Prey Dummy is made out of tough canvas material and lined with nylon for durability. A double seal of velcro and zipper fastenings ensures that wet and dry food doesn't destroy the dummy. 

    Features -

    • Combines physical and mental activity with animal-friendly training
    • Supplied with hand loop
    • Also suitable for wet food
    • Developed by well-known dog training coach Jan Nijboer

    How it works -

    1. Phase: Playful Retrieving

    Fill the Preydummy with dog food (wet or dry food) and it is ready. The joint 'hunt' of man and dog can start. The prey: the 'Preydummy'.

    Start the retrieve in an environment with few other stimuli. Use a tracking leash to prevent your dog from running away with the Preydummy.

    2. Phase: Leading the Retrieval and Search Games

    In the joint hunt, you are the 'super hunter'. You lead the retrieving and searching games and only you can open the 'prey' and hand out the food. Encourage desirable behavior with enthusiasm and by letting your dog eat a piece of the food out of the Preydummy.

    3. Phase: Substitute Hunt and Education

    After the dog has learned retrieving as the basis of the joint hunt you can extend the 'hunting strategies.' 'Sit', 'down' and 'here' are not boring commands anymore but parts of an exciting substitute hunt.

    4. Phase: Strengthen Confidence

    Now the possibilities to occupy your dog know no limits. In difficult situations, they are an important guide for your dog. Manage them together and strengthen your dog's self-confidence and confidence in you.

    Tip for Expects:

    Now you can extend your training by combining single exercises together. Here you gradually reduce the rewards from the Preydummy by exclusively using praise and enthusiasm to celebrate achievement. The dog only receives his rewards from the food bag at the very end of the entire training session. This helps the dog to recognize that the training session is over.

    5. Phase: Strengthen the Team Spirit

    Whether hunting tasks, agility, or rescue work-to take care of each other, overcome obstacles, solve a task, and hunt at the same time, all this enormously strengthens the team spirit. To train with help of the Preydummy strengthens the relationship and it becomes possible to fully occupy your family dog physically and mentally.

    Dimension - ø 6 × 14 cm