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Trixie Skudo Transport Box
Trixie Skudo Transport Box
Trixie Skudo Transport Box
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    Trixie Skudo Transport Box

    Rs. 8,000.00

    Trixie Skudo Taupe/Sand Transport Box For Dogs & Cats is made of plastic material. It is accepted by most airlines. With metal door and lockable snap clips. Ventilation slits for ideal air circulation. Place the box in the car boot leaning against the back seats and make sure that the box cannot shift.

    Features - 

    • accepted by most airlines when used with the IATA Set 39739

    • metal door with lockable snap clips

    • size S–M with one and all larger sizes with 2 roomy storage trays

    • up to size S with handle

    • from size S–M with handle for pulling

    • castors available separately from size S-M (item 39740)

    • Lying mats available separately (No. 28644-28649)

    Material - Plastic 

    Color - Taupe/Sand