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Alicante Scratching Cat Tree
Alicante Scratching Cat Tree

    Alicante Scratching Cat Tree

    Rs. 10,209.00 Rs. 12,450.00

    TRIXIE’s Alicante Cat Tree can give endless opportunities for cats to play, explore, scratch or simply relax. Felines will sharpen their claws on anyone of the six scratching posts rather than on your article of furniture or carpet, giving them a healthy outlet for his or her scratching instincts. All posts are coated in sturdy sisal. If a nap or place to cover is so as, the cat will crawl within the kitty dwelling. It’s coated with plush each within and out, creating it the right cozy retreat. 

    Features -

    • jute: ø 6 mm/plush (polyester): 280 g/m²
    • cave fitted with plush/fleece (polyester)
    • Dimension - Floor area - 45 x 45 cm
    • Post - ø 9 cm Height - 142 cm
    • Colour - Grey