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Andis Standard Flea Dog Comb
Andis Standard Flea Dog Comb

    Andis Standard Flea Dog Comb

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    BEST FOR: Creating award-winning grooms on animals of all sizes


    The Andis Flea Comb is a pet grooming tool that detangles matted fur and removes fleas. While combing, its blunted, rounded-ended pins are kind to the skin. This can promote the health of the skin and follicles of your pet. Additionally, it removes dirt and loose hair from the pet's coat. It has a non-slip handle and is a small flea comb. For added durability, the comb incorporates pins that are moulded into it. All dogs and cats with long hair can use it. Flea Comb removes fleas, loose hair, dirt and mats while it stimulates hair follicles to promote growth and healthier hair. The comb is ideal for long coats for any size dog.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Combs Ideal for long coats
    • Removes fleas, tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt
    • Stimulates skin and hair follicle health
    • Rounded pin ends offer more comfort for your pet
    • Pins are molded into the comb's body for added durability
    • Ideal for cats and all size dogs


    • Body Material: Polymer
    • Finish: White/Green

    Brush away unwanted pests 

    The Andis Flea Comb is a core tool for every serious groomer. This fine-toothed comb executes a versatile set of tasks for every size and breed. Use it to remove debris around beards and eyes. De-flea while clearing tangles and loose hair from coonhounds and tabby cats. The soft-grip comb’s rounded pins stimulate hair follicles. Andis Premium Flea Comb, because your work shouldn’t have to share the spotlight.