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Trixie Bike set
Trixie Bike set

    Trixie Bike set

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    Bike safely with this deluxe bike set for dog that contains an integrated spring to make sudden tugs less startling. The velcro black leash safety release frees the dog in the event of a sudden tug. The robust design helps makes it useful even with large-breed dogs. This way, you can ride with your dog safely and in case of an incident your dog can detach for his safety. This is what you need for cycling with your companion in complete peace of mind.
    Features - 
    • for small and medium-sized dogs
    • sudden tugs are softened by the sturdy spring
    • attachment with hook and loop fastener: short leash detaches in the event of a sudden jerky tug
    • consists of distance spacer with holder for saddlebag, special leash system and spiral spring
    • reflective parts
    Instructions -
    Thanks to trigger hook and loop fasteners on the short leash the biking set allows two types of use :
    1. Attaching the short leash with the trigger hook provides a firm hold.
    2. When using the hook and loop fastener, the short leash is released if the dog gives a sudden pull and this prevents the cyclist from falling. Depending on size and strength of the dog, fasten the hook and loop fastener only a short bit or all the way. It is essential to test the attachment before going on a bike tour! You should be able to open the hook and loop fastener without excessive force. 
    When attaching the trigger hook with the hook and loop fastener, the hook should be attached to the leash with the rubber band to prevent injuries caused by the hook swinging around.
    Important - Not every dog is fit for being led alongside a bicycle. Please check if your dog is fit enough to meet the physical strain when being acquaint your dog to the new situation and practice leading her alongside the bicycle extensively. For dogs with little stamina, we recommend the dog run alongside the bike only for a short time or over a short distance. It would be ideal if you let the dog determine the speed and the length of your trip.
    The biking set is only suitable for use with bicycles, not with motorcycles or other motor vehicles.
    Do not leave your dog without supervision when attached to the biking set.
    The biking set is not suitable for puppies or young dogs.