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Dogs Cooling Toys Ice Cream Cone Toy

    Dogs Cooling Toys Ice Cream Cone Toy

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    Dog Toy look and smell like frozen treats, and feel just as refreshing! Use as a regular TPR toy, or put water in them and freeze, for a cooling toy Dogs enjoy the cool water from small holes on the front Especially good for teething puppies Fun scented with fruit flavors Dogs love popsicles, and here's a safe and fun way to let them have it! Cool Pup Cooling Toys can be filled with water and frozen, to give dogs an icy-cool way to enjoy traditional summertime goodies! This dog toy is made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber) which provides a squishy, comforting chewing experience. Combining the gummy texture with a cooling feature makes this an ideal toy for teething puppies or any hot dog.

    • Satisfy your pet dogs instinct of curiosity and playfulness. Molar and clean teeth, the material is flexible and does not hurt the teeth.
    • The operation is simple, just put it in the refrigerator and freeze.
    • It can help dogs grind their teeth, relieve pressure and relieve boredom, to prevent dogs from biting the furniture in the home.
    • Made of high quality TPR material, resistance to bite, durable and long service life.