Geib Entrée Gold Curved Pet Shear – Wag'N Tails
Geib Entrée Gold Curved Pet Shear
Geib Entrée Gold Curved Pet Shear
Geib Entrée Gold Curved Pet Shear
Geib Entrée Gold Curved Pet Shear
Geib Entrée Gold Curved Pet Shear

    Geib Entrée Gold Curved Pet Shear

    Rs. 3,562.00 Rs. 4,599.00


    A great small scissor for focusing on details or sensitive places. For the professional, Geib Entree Gold scissors are reasonably priced. The perfect size for trimming the feet and face. For a more comfortable finger posture, offset the handle. Ideal size for awkward spaces, particularly on little breeds. Trim the top knots and ears, especially around the eyes and tail. 5.5" of curves. Handle and finger rests with contours. Made in the USA. These scissors are suitable for users at levels 1 to 2. lighter, sharper, and finer. to align your experience with the appropriate range

    Features & Benefits: 

    Dial adjuster for easy tension adjustment
    Ball-bearing pivot
    Ideal Scissors for trimming around the face and feet
    Great for around eyes, paws, and small trims to top knots and tails


    Size: 5.5”

    How to care: 

    • Separate storage: When not in use, keep your scissors in their protective cases, such as a scissor case or holder. Never group or touch scissors when storing them; each should have its own compartment. Blades and tips need to be properly shielded from harm.
    • Avoid drops: It's recommended to have your scissors checked by an expert if you drop them. If you keep using them without checking, even little harm can become considerably worse. A drop could indicate that you require servicing and sharpening. Never sharpen cutting-edge scissors at home. Ask other groomers for advice or look for a skilled sharpener. Careful handling: Take care when putting scissors down. The tips can damage easily.
    • Oil and dry: Use scissor oil to keep your scissors clean and lightly oiled. After cleaning and before storing, always oil. Keep them in a dry place. Even warm air's humidity can harm them, causing them to corrode, discolour, or pit.
    • Cutting clean hair is preferable to cutting filthy hair. Depending on how dirty the coat is, dust, sand, or grime can swiftly blunt scissors — think of it as cutting sandpaper — sometimes in as little as 30 to 60 minutes. Always wash, totally dry, and brush or comb the coat before cutting, or if you want a tough pair that can handle cutting a coat before washing, look into a Level 1 workhorse pair of scissors.
    • Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to scissors, so don't do it! It's common to regret sharing. Someone else's slight modification of how you hold and use your scissors can quickly reduce their lifespan and give you the impression that they will no longer cut in the same manner.