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Fun Agility Ring
Fun Agility Ring
Fun Agility Ring

    Fun Agility Ring

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    With the Dog Activity Agility Ring from TRIXIE you offer your dog a varied fitness program. The two plastic stands, a ring and two cross braces can be easily fixed with Velcro straps. Different training requirements arise thanks to the infinitely height-adjustable ring. An exercise book included in the set gives you tips and tricks for optimal training. All items are supplied in a practical nylon bag.

    Features -

    • fully adjustable height
    • easy securing due to hook and loop fasteners
    • set consists of 2 posts, 1 ring, 2 crossbars, 4 supports, fixings
    • can be set up and dismantled easily due to quick action locks
    • with transport bag
    • plastic
    • incl. training instructions

    Instructions -

    • for a varied fitness programme
    • exercise keeps your dog fit and provides 1. Start the training with a set-up near the a long healthy life
    • training together deepens the bond and ground that your dog can run through it.

    General information:

    1. Your dog should always warm up before it without problems.
    2. Never train on a full stomach or feed directly after the training.
    3. Increase the challenges for your dog only slowly so you do not overchallenge her.
    4. Adapt the sport to your dog and take breed, age, talent and size of your dog into consideration.
    5. Plan enough breaks during the training so your dog does not feel overchallenged and fun remains.
    6. Please note that the training should the leash, always take place in a positive and quiet training atmosphere.

    Set-up instructions:

    Choose a level area to set up the ring so that your dog can jump straight. Attach two brackets on each pole. Place stabilizers in the brackets. Place the poles vertical about 71 cm apart on the inside. Attach the ring by means of the hook and loop tapes inside the square
    you have created. Adjust to the height as desire.

    The fitness training can begin:

    1. Start the training with a set-up near the ground. Push the ring so far to the ground that your dog can run through it.
    2. Repeat the various training phases several times to ensure that your dog has understood this phase and masters it without problems.
    3. When your dog jumps the obstacle, always praise and reward her excessively.

    The phases of the training:

    With leash: Position your dog on the leash in front of the ring. Guide the leash through the ring so that it acts as guidance and stand behind the obstacle. Now guide your dog through the ring. Gradually increase the speed. Once your dog can do this without guidance from the leash, try it without the leash. With a second person: The helper stands in front of the ring with your dog. You stand behind the ring and lure her with a toy or a snack to make her go through the ring.

    Once this works without problems after several tries, you can bring the first training phase to perfection by continuing without a helper.

    When your dog has mastered this successfully, you can begin phase two of the training. Stand in front of the ring with your dog, point to it and use a signal such as "Hop" or "jump". To make the training more difficult, you can adjust the height of the ring.

    For the third training phase, move several metres away from the obstacle together with your dog. Walk or run towards the ring together. Give the signal for your dog to jump while your dog jumps through the ring and you run alongside. Once your dog is able to jump about 60 cm without problems in advanced training, you can remove the upper stabilizer and use the maximum attachment height with 3 fixing points.