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Geib Entree 8.5

    Geib Entree 8.5" 3 Piece Shears Kit (straight, Curved, 40 tooth Thinner)

    Rs. 21,749.00 Rs. 26,999.00


    Geib, Entree 8.5" 3 Piece Shears Kit, has 3 well-known scissors, straight, curved, and 40 T blender for all-round finishing and grooming. These shears are made up of quality stainless steel alloy. They are excellent workhorse shears for everyday professional grooming. These shears can deal with the thickest and the roughest coats like a smooth butter cut. The shears are highly affordable and absolutely professional grade. It has a convex edge, which is the sharpest edge you can find on any shears for light to medium cutting on all types of coats with minimum hand fatigue. Specifically designed for smooth and balanced cutting experience on toughest coats. Along with double screw tension for adjustment as per your convenience and off-set handles for qualitative performance, it also has a stylish look, contoured, with pink sparkle finger rests. All in all Entree is perfect range of shears among wide range of Geib, buttercut shears. This is a win-win situation for professional pet groomers to add it to their collection. 


    • 8.5” Straight, Curved, 40 tooth thinner scissors
    • Double screw tension for fine adjustment
    • Ergonomic offset handles for back-to-back grooming
    • Convex edge for light to medium cutting
    • Minimal hand fatigue for tough grooming
    • Stylish Ruby red case for safety and professional look

     How to care for scissors:

    • Cautious handling:

    The scissors have to be handled carefully as the tips of the shears can get damaged easily. The shears must be possessed with cautiousness.  

    • Independent storage:

    It is important to store them in a proper manner, in a protective case or holder. All the shears must not be stored together in one holder but instead in a different compartment. As the shears must not collide or touch each other. It might ruin its sharpness as well as setting.           

    • No dropping:

    It’s a big no to drop shears no matter what, as there are high chances of them getting utterly damaged or nonfunctional.

    • Regular maintenance:
    Oiling, drying, and cleaning are key to uninterrupted grooming. Avoid sharing shears as it reduces the chances of frequent changes in settings and adjustments.