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Gino Cushion Oval Bed, Grey
Gino Cushion Oval Bed, Grey

    Gino Cushion Oval Bed, Grey

    Rs. 1,650.00

    Whether a short break or deep sleep, we offer you and your dog a large choice of cushions, beds and blankets, along with dog baskets or cuddly caves. Everything in various shapes and colours, sizes and designs.

    There, every dog can find a favourite spot and can relax and rest. When you go on tour, we have handy travel blankets that can be rolled up small and need little space. Such a blanket means a small bit of home for your dog when on tour.


    Fully padded dog bed with a premium cotton cloth covering. Paw symbols printed on the bed makes it attractive to your pet. Washable and easy to clean The ultra light weight bed can be placed anywhere and moved anytime.


    Sizes : 

    • Small : 50 x 35 cm
    • Medium : 60 x 40 cm
    • Large : 70 x 45 cm
    • XL : 80 x 55 cm
    • XXL :  90 x 65 cm