Jerhigh Meat as Meals Salmon Recipe - 45 gm – Wag'N Tails
Jerhigh Meat as Meals Salmon Recipe - 45 gm -
Jerhigh Meat as Meals Salmon Recipe - 45 gm -

    Jerhigh Meat as Meals Salmon Recipe - 45 gm

    Rs. 135.00

    It all started from love that owners has towards their dogs, a special relations as a family members. Therefore, Jerhigh has invented a new innovation dog food Meat as Meals. With a special innovative characteristic; a soft, semi-moist pellets dog food, meaty and delicious, suitable for all dog breeds.

    A human-grade dog food produced through a production process meticulously, selecting and merging all high-quality ingredients, premium grade meat and eggs to provide a full-beneficial nutritious according to a holistic standardization.

    Suitable and sufficient with the right amount of nutritious for your beloved dogs. Also, our pellets consist of varieties beneficial minerals and vitamins such as Limonite mineral from ASO volcano in Japan, which helps reduce the odors of dog waste up to 80-85%*.

    Choose‚¬Å¡¬€¦¡¬€š¬¦¡¬€š¬…¡¬¦¡¬€š¬…¡¬€¦¡¬¦‚¬Å¡¬€¦¡¬€š¬¦¡¬€š¬…¡¬¦‚¬Å¡¬€¦¡¬€š¬¦‚¬Å¡¬€¦‚¬Å“Meat as Meals for happy and healthy lifestyle for your dogs, for a longer lifespan for your dogs.


    • Food Type : Dog treats
    • Suitable for all dogs
    • Omega 3 and 6 improving nourish skin and coat found in fish and plants.
    • Glucosamine and chondroitin are nutrients that help preserve healthy joints and bones derived from the cartilage of marine fish.
    • Inulin is a natural prebiotic that helps strengthen the digestive system, derived from the root of chicory.
    • Limonite, a mineral found in southern Japan, helps minimize the odor of urine and excrement.
    • Beta Glucan extracted from yeast to boost the immune system.
    • Made in Thailand
    • Treats should always be given in moderation
    • Always have fresh water available for your pet
    • Never feed above recommended quantities unless prescribed by a vet

    Guaranteed Analysis

    • Protein 20%min
      Crude fat 9%min
      Ash 4%max
      Moisture 20%max