Aeolus Nova Single Motor Dog Dryer 2200 W – Wag'N Tails
Aeolus Nova Single Motor Dog Dryer 2200 W
Aeolus Nova Single Motor Dog Dryer 2200 W
Aeolus Nova Single Motor Dog Dryer 2200 W

    Aeolus Nova Single Motor Dog Dryer 2200 W

    Rs. 31,570.00 Rs. 38,500.00

    Pet dryers are one of the reasons groomers can promptly get the fur babies dry off for further grooming so you must be equipped with the best quality pet dryer here we present the most aptly named dryer in the pet world.
    Aeolus TD – 941 Nova Brushless single motor pet dryer is well designed. If 2800 W is more and 1800 W is less for you then this is a perfect dryer you must need with 2200 W. The new BRUSHLESS motor gives super power and inexhaustible service life, it eliminates carbon brushes so that groomers and pets do not inhale harmful carbon dust, and the grooming environment will turn safe and clean as well as in the drying process.


    • BRUSHLESS motor
    • Zero-leakage shell and low noise
    • Overheat protection Heater
    • Controllable Wind Speed & Adjustable Heating
    • Easy maintenance and cleaning
    • Low-temperature burns
    • Self-cooling nozzle
    • Large air volume, fast wind speed
    • High mechanical efficiency, and long service life
    • 50cm-long super-strength insulation sheath
    • Super-strength insulation sheath ensures the safety of the pet groomers by avoiding the risk of “low-temperature burns” on their front arms.
    • Two nozzles meet different blowing needs: The crescent-shaped flat nozzle is suitable for quick drying the pet’s slender parts such as legs and tails.
    • The round nozzle with a special inclined end will not only be used in regular direct blowing but can also play a guiding role in drying the abdomen and other parts that are not easy for a direct touch.
    • Self-cooling nozzle ensures a safe and comfortable holding experience.


    • Max Power - 2200W 
    • Voltage -220V
    • Blow Force- 895g
    • Frequency- 50Hz
    • Motor type- Brushless
    • Noise -80dbA