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Roseline Curved Pet Grooming Shears, 7.5”
Roseline Curved Pet Grooming Shears, 7.5”

    Roseline Curved Pet Grooming Shears, 7.5”

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    Roseline is now widely accepted as some of the best professional grooming scissors available. Their philosophy and motivation are to "unite the tradition of scissor production with the best technology and innovation." For more than 35 years they have produced high-quality scissors with the quality seal "Made in Solingen." They produce innovative products, in up-to-date designs. Roseline Global Curved Shears, 7.5” These high-quality stainless-steel scissors have a micro serration for added durability, giving them a positive feel and being able to cut through thicker coats with ease. With a more compact shank and smaller finger and thumb holes, this is ideal for the more petite hand. It is lighter in weight compared to other scissors of this size. Satin finish with curvaceous integral finger rest.


    • Stainless steel
    • Satin
    • Micro-serrated on one side 
    • Cutting edge polished on one side 
    • Adjustable slotted screw
    • All shears are handmade in Germany to provide the highest quality and smoothest operation.
    • All blades are finely ground for a long-lasting edge.
    • Ice-tempered metal to ensure long life.
    • Featherweight with a finely serrated edge so you can feel the scissors working.


    • Roseline Curved Shears, 7.5” is extremely sharp.
    • Designed for shaping and finishing work.
    • It is meant for flexibility, making them ideal for setting angulation and shaping corners.
    • It has an adjustable screw removable finger rest with insert able soft cushioned finger rings in a satin finish.
    • Mounted with finger hooks and inner rings.
    • Makes great scissors for poodle and bichon heads or where a curve is required.


    • Size: 7.5”
    • Type: Curved

    Groomer’s tip:

    If you would like a pair of great scissors that are perfect for any groomer, whether you are a pro or a beginner, then this is the pair to choose.