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Trixie Eye Care Wipes for Pets- Pack of 2

    Trixie Eye Care Wipes for Pets- Pack of 2

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    Trixie eye care wipes are formulated to gently and effectively cleanse the eye area of all cat and dog breeds. The hypoallergenic ingredients are safe for everyday use on even the most sensitive pets and easily remove any dirt or discharge to keep eyes healthy and tear-free. The wipes are soft, non-irritating, and soothing to ensure that daily grooming is a pleasant experience for you and your pet.


  • For dogs, cats, and other small animals
  • With gentle care lotion
  • For the regular removal of dirt and tear stains from around the eyes
  • Can be used for the whole face

  • How to use 

    Trixie eye care wipes work best when used habitually. Initially, gently massage the troubled area with an eye wipe for about 60 seconds—or as long as you can keep Fido still. The formula will start to loosen and remove the gunk. Then you can wipe it clean. With regular use of an eye wipe containing a tear stain-removing formula, you should visibly notice the stain lightening within three weeks. With any luck, the stain will be completely removed. Continue regular use to reduce future staining.

    Capacity - 30 Wipes