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Virbac Veggiedent Oral Hygiene Vegetable Dog Chew

    Virbac Veggiedent Oral Hygiene Vegetable Dog Chew

    Rs. 373.00

    Virbac Veggiedents is a chewable vegetable Barritas Z-shaped fighting plaque and bad breath suitable for all types of dogs.Regular use of Virbac Veggie Dent helps in cleaning the teeth of dogs. The unique shape of Z is specifically designed to facilitate gripping and optimize the mechanical cleaning action during mastication.


    • Z-Shaped for improved cleaning
    • 100% vegetable and GMO* free
    • Low in calories

    RECOMMENDED FOR fresh and healthy breath and removal of plaque and tartar from the dog's teeth surfaces.


    The innovative formula used in VEGGIEDENT® FR3SHTM dental sticks for dogs aims to eliminate the 3 major oral and digestive factors of bad breath, thus maintaining a pleasant, fresh and healthy breath.

    VEGGIEDENT® FR3SHTM is a natural, plant-based dental chew, that contains no artificial or meat ingredients, is free of wheat and is easily digestible. Hence VEGGIEDENT® FR3SHTM is suitable and healthy for daily and long-term use; thus, freshening breath and supporting canine tartar removal.


    Maize starch, soy proteins, rice flour, glycerine, maize cobs, beer yeast, sorbitol, erythritol, chicory inulin, Pomegranate concentrate.


    One chew per day